Kristen Vanderport

Kristen Vanderport

Vice President, Extant Trial Consulting.

As Vice President and Co-Founder of ETC's graphics and communications consulting practice, Kristen Vanderport specializes in presentation development and trial support. Her experience extends to product liability, medical malpractice, intellectual property, contract disputes, criminal matters and environmental issues.

Kristen has supported over 100 cases across the Unites States. Her most notable works include large, multi-party litigation with the tobacco industry, the Rocky Flats litigation in Colorado, the groundbreaking defense of W.R. Grace executives in their criminal trial, the hearings to help W.R. Grace emerge from bankruptcy, as well as work with IBM, Apple, BP, PwC, Dow, Rohm & Haas and Philip Morris International.

Prior to co-founding ETC, she held leadership positions with a trial services consulting firm, the U.S. Peace Corps and a mid-sized advertising agency. She frequently leads projects and brings a vast history of communication strategy to every trial.

Kristen holds a M.S. in Integrated Marketing and Advertising from Northwestern, and a B.S. in Mass Communications from Miami University.