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Brief-Lynx Announces – New Exhibit-Lynx Simplifies Complex Task of Creating Hyperlinked Exhibit Lists

DENVER, June 23, 2011 — Well-organized exhibits are essential for winning cases, but the traditional method for making electronic hyperlinked exhibit lists, creating links in popular spreadsheet programs, is difficult to complete under tight deadlines. Now, with the new Exhibit-Lynxâ„¢ application ( from eTrial Communications Inc., attorneys can easily create interactive electronic exhibit lists.

The latest variation of eTrial’s patent-pending, automated hyperlink-generation technology, Exhibit-Lynx, a cloud-based application, can quickly create, edit and package an organized, hyperlinked document directory. In fact, in a recent pilot project, Exhibit-Lynx created, organized and packaged a 500-document, hyperlinked exhibit list in less than 20 minutes.

With Exhibit-Lynx, users can develop exhibit lists, chronologies, deposition outlines, closing binders and other interactive indexes that will improve collaboration on and presentation of key documents in litigation and other legal matters. Exhibit-Lynx directories are applicable to internal teamwork, depositions, expert preparation and exhibit submissions in trial, arbitration, government hearings and other proceedings. Directories created in Exhibit-Lynx can be exported to Excel or to a PDF for delivery and further manipulation as needed.

Exhibit-Lynx complements eTrial’s Brief-Lynx™ service for creating hyperlinked electronic briefs, motions and other written presentations. Through the integration of these two applications, clients can immediately use key files such as evidence, case citations and graphics in their interactive, hyperlinked brief.

“Our aim is to streamline the entire legal presentation process,” said David Vanderport, president of eTrial. “With Exhibit-Lynx, our clients will be more effective in presenting key documents in all stages of litigation while reducing their reliance on bulky paper files.”

eTrial is a software development and presentation-consulting firm for the legal industry and was founded in 2004 with the mission of providing the best possible tools for presentations. “Information inflation in litigation, combined with budgetary constraints on all stakeholders in the judicial process, has dramatically increased the time pressure on the courts and other decision-making bodies,” said Vanderport. “Hyperlinked electronic documents reduce the time and resources needed to thoroughly review the facts and authority involved in a matter.”

Vanderport continued, “By reducing the time and cost of creating hyperlinked electronic documents, Exhibit-Lynx and Brief-Lynx will allow the greater use of hyperlinked written presentations. Judges, court staff, arbiters and government agencies will appreciate the time saved and greater usefulness of an interactive, hyperlinked exhibit list or brief.”

Exhibit-Lynx and Brief-Lynx are available at or by calling (877) 760-9045.

About eTrial Communications Inc.

Denver-based eTrial provides legal industry presentation support, with an emphasis on electronic, persuasive communication for leading law firms across the nation. The company also offers the industry’s most efficient, cost-effective electronic brief software system, Brief-Lynx™, for attorneys who want to customize their court briefs with easy-to-follow, pinpoint links to evidence, case citations, graphics and other supporting materials, including multimedia tools.


David Vanderport

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