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Welcome to InFocus, our new trial services blog

ETC has come a long way since its formation in 2005. With our expansion we are proud to present the revision of our logo, branding and website. Our logo represents the concept of making complicated facts clear, simple and  “Infocus.” When working with ETC your position is presented in focus and everything outside is open for interpretation.

Our leadership team, built of only high level consultants, makes the complex simple. By providing a unified approach to consultation, graphics and technology we are able to create trial presentations that logically persuade and produce visible results. ETC is the clear choice when you are looking for strategic communication experts with years of experience in a wide variety of cases. ETC’s consultants have worked on some of the largest trials to date. We know how to analyze your legal position and create a visual communication strategy that aligns with your goals. Based on facts specific to your case, we will develop a holistic solution that clearly presents the facts and eliminates the superfluous.

Feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed and learn about the latest happenings. The internet is about two-way discussions and we hope we can keep each other updated on the latest endeavors in trial support world.

Sign up and stayed tuned….. In 2009 we will release the latest version of our patent pending hyperlink briefing software, Brief-Lynx. This online tool will revolutionize briefing capabilities.

We thank our current clients that have allowed us to become the high level boutique consulting firm we are today. We hope we have the privilege to serve your team and bring your case next case InFocus.

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