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Hyperlinked ebriefs and electronic case filings are increasingly popular, and Brief-Lynx is the only software specifically designed to simplify and enhance the production process.

Brief-Lynx ebriefs stand out because citations are easier-to-read and access – your audience won’t spend hours searching through cited documents in a brief. Plus, your case will benefit from a tactical advantage and anyone can create ebriefs faster with Brief-Lynx, which will save you money.

Our team of experts offers:

  • Lynx-Index – links and destination documents are organized in a single window, providing ease of navigation and enhanced review capabilities;
  • Web-based – anyone can edit; no software installation required, eliminating compatibility & installation issues;
  • Easy to use – no tedious training; eliminates need for power users;
  • Low cost – dramatic increase in production efficiency vs. Acrobat®;
  • Author control – no need to outsource production to third parties;
  • Flexibility – link to PDFs, graphics, evidence and video files;
  • Revision Control – change hyperlinks without losing any work;
  • Judge or Arbitrator Focus – user can review author’s select points easily;

Create briefs faster with Brief-Lynx(TM)

Many courts increasingly require or recommend the filing of a hyperlinked ebrief. It’s a brief in PDF format that links to electronic copies of all citations, articles, testimony, transcripts and audio and video files (in addition to traditional — or ECF-filed paper or unlinked PDF files). Also, many lawyers find that an ebrief gives them an advantage.

Brief-Lynx ebriefs are stored in a secure online account, which allows multiple individuals to edit and review, anytime and anywhere – even at the 11th hour. Plus, your links are organized in a single window - the Lynx-Index - which makes review a breeze. The end result? A convincing and concise presentation, achieved accurately and efficiently.

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